During the Coronavirus outbreak we will be releasing a free message per day

Today's message is  John Wells - The Lord's Prayer 

It was added to the Various section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/16/various-messages/

Hope this is a blessing to all

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Welcome to Joe Skelly's tape library. It is an extensive collection of Gospel, Ministry and Bible readings. These started on reel-to-reel, moving to cassette, to CD and now to MP3 recordings.


The Library contains over 14,000 messages. These have been built up since the Library was commenced in 1966 and are being continually added to.


The aim of the Library is to spread the Word of God worldwide and in so doing magnify the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We would like you to enjoy the recordings and hope that these will be a blessing to you. There are a number of free messages in the sound downloads section. Feel free to make use of these.


Tape Teaching is a non-profit making organisation. Any money received goes to cover running costs. Should there be any money left over at the end of the year it goes to one of the Lord's Servants


During the Coronavirus outbreak we will be trying to release an extra free downloadable message every day. We hope this will be a blessing to you. Stay safe everyone.


Today's message is - 21 January John Wells - The Lord's Prayer 

It was added to the Various section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/16/various-messages/


 Recently added:-

Added to the Various section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/16/various-messages/

5 January John Flynn - That in all things Christ might have the pre-eminence 

6 January Norman Turkington - The Lord Jesus the perfect example to follow

12 January Tom McNeill - The Love of the Lord

13 January Norman Turkington - The Believer in the Battlefield

14 January John Flynn - The Life that I now live 

19 January Reggie Jordan - I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me

20 January David Kane - The Ordinance of the Two Silver Trumpets - Divine Guidance 


Added to the Gospel section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/13/gospel-messages/

3 January Ben Sutton - Testimony: Ben Sutton

10 January Tom Meekin - The Old, Old Story

17 January Sydney Maxwell - As it is appointed unto man once to die


Added to the Devotional section of the Downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/18/devotional-messages/

1 January Harold Paisley - Our Lord Jesus Christ - His Person 

16 January Gordon Williams - The Lord Jesus is my Shepherd, my Surety, my Saviour and my Lord

18 January Harold Paisley - The Hidden years of Christ 


Added to the Series of Messages on Bible Topics section of the downloads -  http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/23/series-of-messages-on-bible-topics/

7 January Norman Crawford - Spiritual Growth 

8 January Norman Crawford - Spiritual Worship 


Added to the Character Studies section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/21/character-study-messages/

4 January Albert Ramsey - Paul 

15 January John Hawthorne - John - Weeping, Wondering and Worshipping


Added to the Messages for Younger Believers section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/17/messages-for-younger-believers/

2 January R Beattie (1895-1985) Jonathan and his connection with David


Added to the Future Events section of the downloads -http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/36/messages-on-future-events/

11 January Harold Paisley - Christ’s returning to reign


Added to the Messages on Old Testament Types section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/22/messages-on-old-testament-types/

9 January Jack Gamble - Aaron, his sons and the cleansing of the leper (Offerings for Sin)

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Could I please ask that you limit the downloads to 10 per person per day. (Approx. 8-10 hours listening) This will allow the maximum number of different people to benefit from the site. If you try to download more than this the site will ban you for 24 hours before letting you back on.


Hope it will be a blessing to you

For those of you who are using an iPhone/iPad please open a free Dropbox account. It allows you to download files, transfer them from Safari and other apps into DropBox. From there you can playback the MP3's. This will stop issues created by Apple where only 10 minutes or so of the message plays and then it cuts out. Dropbox can be found here - https://www.dropbox.com/ipad