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Today's message is Frank Tornaquindici - The Christians four anchors in 2nd Timothy 

It was added to the Various section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/16/various-messages/

Hope this is a blessing to all

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Today's message is - 8 May - Frank Tornaquindici - The Christians four anchors in 2nd Timothy 

It was added to the Various section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/16/various-messages/


 Recently added:-

Added to the Various section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/16/various-messages/

5 January John Flynn - That in all things Christ might have the pre-eminence 

6 January Norman Turkington - The Lord Jesus the perfect example to follow

12 January Tom McNeill - The Love of the Lord

13 January Norman Turkington - The Believer in the Battlefield

14 January John Flynn - The Life that I now live 

19 January Reggie Jordan - I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me

20 January David Kane - The Ordinance of the Two Silver Trumpets - Divine Guidance .

21 January John Wells - The Lord's Prayer

22 January Fred Stallen  - Our Learning: Things written aforetime were written for our learning  

23 January - Peter Orasuk - Our love for Christ should be greater than those loyal to David in the Cave of Adullam 

25 January - Tom McNeill - Walking in Truth

26 January - Norman Turkington - Consecration to the Lord for Service 

27 January - Jim Burnett - Three Women exercised about the things of God

28 January - David Kane - The significant Omissions in the narrative in John Ch 13 V 1 – 17 

1 February - Fred Stallen - Paul’s Determination – For this cause

2 February - John McCracken - The Oldest Promise

3 February - Willie McVey - Discipleship

5 February - Fred Naismith – Revival

8 February - Tommy Thompson (Alaska) - A believer seeking to put the Lord first that he might know his Will

9 February - Peter Orasuk - We can affect one another in the way we live

10 February - Denis Hinton - Bringing Glory to God

11 February - John Glenville - As Believers whose superscription do we bear? 

12 February - Frank Tornaquindici – Shall thy wonders be known

13 February - Bert Gamble – Work in the Vineyard 

15 February - Ron Cunningham – Five negatives in the life of Paul

17 February - David Kane – Exercising Gift 

2 March - TW Smith – The Love of the Father

3 March - Frank Reid – The drying brook, the dwindling barrel and the dying boy 

13 March - Robert Surgenor – God knows our Tears

15 March - David Kane - The True Vine

17 March -George Meikle – Lovest thou me?

19 March - Norman Turkington – Something we don’t see and something we do see in Hebrews 

29 March - AMS Gooding – God shall wipe away all tears

2 April - John Glenville – The effect that the Cross of Christ should have  on a Christian's life 

5 April - Oswald McCloud - Our Redemption

8 April - Jim Patterson - Ye are witnesses of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

9 April - Robert McPheat - The pitiful nature of the Lord Jesus to others

10 April - Jim Smith -The Mantle - Passing it on

12 April - Sydney Maxwell - The Goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ

14 April - Denis Hinton - Contentment 

15 April - Michael Brown - Encouragement for the last days from Psalm 91

16 April - David Kane - Three Great Blessings 

19 April - Norman Turkington - Recipe of a happy life

20 April - David Kane - The Barriers providing Christian Security - A hedge of thorns, A Wall of Fire and a Fence of Lilies

26 April - Sydney Maxwell - A Prize, A Purpose and a Plan

27 April - Norman Turkington - The importance of being energetic in the Lord's Work

28 April - John Flynn - We have to give an account of our Stewardship (Life) to God

30 April - Philip Prior - Crucified with Christ

1 May - Robert Surgenor - What we were and what we are now through Christ's Love

3 May - Norman Crawford - Portraits of the Servant 

4 May - David Kane - The Sluggard in harvest, Spiritual laziness and strange folly 

5 May - Norman Turkington - Postures of the Lord Jesus in Psalm 110 

6 May - Sam Ferguson - The cost of Backsliding and the care taken to restore the same

7 May - Cyril Hocking - We like Paul could say I am a Debtor


Added to the Gospel section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/13/gospel-messages/

3 January Ben Sutton - Testimony: Ben Sutton

10 January Tom Meekin - The Old, Old Story

17 January Sydney Maxwell - As it is appointed unto man once to die

24 January - Sam Ferguson - Come see a man 

31 January - WJ Nesbitt - For Christ also hath once suffered for sins and his testimony

7 February - Peter Brandon - I am the way

14 February - Norman Crawford – Gospel: What shall I do then with Jesus? 

14 March - Frank Tornaquindici - Substitution 

21 March - Robert Brinn – Have I ever come to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour 

28 March - TW Smith – And when they were come to the Place called Calvary

1 April - Jim Martin – Five Looks at God - God looking down on the fool, The Son who came down, The Good Shepherd who laid down his life, The Great High Priest who sat down and Christ who put down his enemies

11 April - Peter Brandon - The Uniqueness of the Cross

18 April - Philip Harding - Philip Harding: His Testimony and Call

25 April - Norman Crawford - Gospel What shall I do then with Jesus

2 May - Peter Brandon - A Living Encounter with a living God 


Added to the Devotional section of the Downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/18/devotional-messages/

1 January Harold Paisley - Our Lord Jesus Christ - His Person 

16 January Gordon Williams - The Lord Jesus is my Shepherd, my Surety, my Saviour and my Lord

18 January Harold Paisley - The Hidden years of Christ 

30 January - Frank Tornaquindici - The suffering and exaltation of the Lord Jesus in Isaiah Ch 52 V 13-15 

6 February - TW Smith – Occupation with the person of our Lord Jesus Christ 

20 March - Harold Paisley – The Hind of the Morning 

27 March - Harold Paisley – Christ and the Mount of Olives

30 March - Robert McPheat – The trial and confession of our Lord Jesus Christ

3 April - Tom Bentley – The Uniqueness of Christ in his Life, Death and Glory

4 April - Gordon Williams - Two monumental events in History - Christ's Death and Resurrection 

6 April - Rowan Jennings - Our Lord's miraculous death and what it means to us

7 April - John Stubbs - The resurrection of the Lord Jesus 

13 April - Fred Stallen - The exotic and unnatural love the Father hath bestowed upon us


Added to the Series of Messages on Bible Topics section of the downloads -  http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/23/series-of-messages-on-bible-topics/

7 January Norman Crawford - Spiritual Growth 

8 January Norman Crawford - Spiritual Worship 


Added to the Character Studies section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/21/character-study-messages/

4 January Albert Ramsey - Paul 

15 January John Hawthorne - John - Weeping, Wondering and Worshipping

29 January - Joe Milne - The life of Asa 

4 March - Jim Anderson –The work of God in the life of Naaman

18 March - Jim Anderson – Elisha - A man of God 

24 April - Fred Stallen - Pricilla and Aquila


Added to the Messages for Younger Believers section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/17/messages-for-younger-believers/

2 January R Beattie (1895-1985) Jonathan and his connection with David


Added to the Future Events section of the downloads -http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/36/messages-on-future-events/

11 January Harold Paisley - Christ’s returning to reign

5 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 1 – Course of the Ages

6 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 2 – The Complete Period of Gentile Dominion

7 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 3 – The Course and Character of this Age

8 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 4 – The Cycle of 70 weeks 

9 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 5 – The Church in the Purpose of God

10 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 6 – The Confederation of Gentile Nations 

11 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 7 – The Counterfeit or Antichrist

12 March - Philip Harding – Future Events 8 – The Coming Manifestation of Christ 

17 April - Harold Paisley - Waiting for his coming 

29 April - David Kane - Quality not Quantity - The Judgement Seat of Christ 


Added to the Messages on Old Testament Types section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/22/messages-on-old-testament-types/

9 January Jack Gamble - Aaron, his sons and the cleansing of the leper (Offerings for Sin)

4 February -Jim Anderson – Bringing up the Ark

22 March - Albert McShane – The Offerings 1 - The Burnt Offering

23 March - Albert McShane – The Offerings 2 - The Meal Offering

24 March - Albert McShane – The Offerings 3 - The Peace Offering

25 March - Albert McShane – The Offerings 4 -  The Sin Offering

26 March - Albert McShane – The Offerings 5 - The Trespass Offering

31 March - Jack Gamble – Christ Our Passover 

21 April - Bert Gamble - Some practical lessons from studies of the Tabernacle – 1 

22 April - Bert Gamble - Some practical lessons from studies of the Tabernacle – 2 

23 April - Bert Gamble - Some practical lessons from studies of the Tabernacle – 3


Added to the messages on the Assembly section of the downloads http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/15/messages-on-the-assembly/

16 February - Tom Rea – An Assembly retarded 

16 March -TW Smith – The Lord Jesus and his own – The Hour


Added to the Messages on Books of the Bible section of the downloads - http://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/20/messages-on-books-of-the-bible/

18 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 1 -Nebuchadnezzar's Conversion

19 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 2 - Introduction and Sins Pay Day

20 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 3 – The Interpretation of the King’s Dream

21 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 4 – The men the fire could not burn.

22 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 5 – The writing on the wall

23 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 6 – The man the lions could not eat

24 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 7– The coming man of sin 

25 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 8 – The King of Fierce Countenance, the ram and the he-goat 

26 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 9 – The man who searched the scriptures

27 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 10 – A man greatly beloved

28 February - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 11 – Many shall run to and fro

1 March - Harold Paisley – A Study of Daniel 12 – The Character of the End 


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