The latest message is Jack Hunter - Studies on the life of Jacob 5 - Knowing the Will of God in your Life

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Message uploaded 29 November Jack Hunter - Studies on the life of Jacob 5 - Knowing the Will of God in your Life

It was added to the Character Studies section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/21/character-study-messages/


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17 January Jack Gamble - The World

20 January David Kane - Right things done in the wrong way

22 January Harold Paisley -  Pauls seven Visions in Scripture

24 January John Stubbs -  Conditions for Blessing

30 January Jim Patterson-  Armour that the believer can wear to overcome Satan

19 February John Flynn  -  The opportunity for short time Service

21 February W J Nesbitt - Presenting our Bodies Holy unto the Lord

23 February Sam Ferguson - The Timing, Citing Manner and outcome of the Lord's Temptations

25 February Sam McBride - Different Scriptural Paths 

27 February John Stubbs - The Commandments -The Believer's spiritual Guide

28 February Albert Leckie - The Headship of Christ

11 March Albert McShane - Five Homes

14 March Jim Patterson - What is our involvement in the Lord's Work

16 March Albert McShane - The River dividing the Land 

18 March Colin Lacey - The Shepherd of God's Flock 

20 March John Stubbs - And ye shall see me no more 

22 March Jim Allen - A wake up call to Believers for Revival

30 March Tom Bentley - Experiencing the hand of God in our life

17 April WJ Nesbitt - An outline of Psalm 45

19 April Tom Meekin - Encouragement to believers as they pass through different storms in life

21 April Jim Martin - The need for Revival

23 April Jim Allen - The Pattern which the Saviour left

25 April Albert McShane - Witnessing for the Lord 

1 May Sam Ferguson - Looking back, The Lord was with us looking forward, The Lord's coming

3 May Sam McBride - The Commission of the Risen Christ 

15 May Jim Patterson - Elders

23 May David Kane - A Great Nation

25 May AMS Gooding - Teachers

27 May Jim Patterson - The World should know a Believer by their attitude and actions 

31 May Eric Wishart - Some of the Beauties of Heaven 

10 June FE Tatford - God's Grace and Patience with a disobedient Israel - Micah Ch 7

12 June Jim Burnett - Service

14 June Tom Bentley - The treasures believers obtain spiritually as they worship the Lord Jesus

16 June Jim Hutchinson - Total Dedication

18 June Jack Lennox - The believer and his commitment to honouring the Lord in his life

20 June John Stubbs - The Greatness of Christ displayed in the  life of a Believer

26 June Jim Patterson - God's purpose in -1 .Persecution,  2 Preaching, 3. Exalting,4. Teaching

4 July Tom Meekin - Paul's concern for the Believers as his departure draws near

6 July Noel Louden - Consecrating our Lives to His Service

22 July WJ Nesbitt - Blessings,we as Christians have come into

24 July David Kane - The influences we have on each other

2 August Tom Bentley - Maturing Strength

3 August Jim Allen - Patients in a Hospital 

4 August Jim Allen - Sunday School Work

5 August Tom Meekin - The Christian and Time Management 

7 August Jim Patterson - Some of the ways in which the Gospel was spread in Acts

9 August Albert McShane - Examples of Christ in the Epistles for Christian Living 

11 August Sam Ferguson - Paul's Converts in the Faith, His joy in them

13 August AMS Gooding - Beseeching by the mercies of God

17 August Sam Ferguson - The Lord Jesus as an example of an Evangelist, A Pastor and A Teacher

19 August Sam McBride - Buying and selling

21 August WJ Nesbitt - The Greatness of His Power 

29 August AMS Gooding - Seeking a Spiritual Home 

31 August David Kane - Whom will He teach, How will He teach, and What will He teach 

6 September Andrew Gray - Psalm 40 A Psalm of encouragement to have confidence in God 

28 September Jim Hutchinson - Psalm 26 brings encouragement to discouraged believers

15 October Jim Wamsley - Faithfulness in that which is least and in that which is much

17 October WJ Nesbitt - The Assembly of his joy

19 October Tom Meekin - Hills and Valleys in the life of a Believer 

21 October Sam Ferguson - The Hand of Christ 

22 October Sam McBride - The Christian and his association with the Cross

24 October Rowan Jennings - The Two Covenants 

13 November Jim Patterson- Witnessing

15 November John Stubbs- The Characteristics of Remnant Assembly Testimony - Rev 14


Added to the Gospel section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/13/gospel-messages/

5 January AMS Gooding - Gospel The Marriage Supper 

26 January Peter Brandon -  Gospel - What does it mean to Accept Christ, What does it mean to reject Christ

1 February  Sam McBride - Gospel Heaven's interest in the repentance of a soul 

29 April Peter Brandon - Gospel - What is wrong with the world today?

4 June John Grant - Gospel Three things that Sin does,Four things that the Saviour does

30 July Norman Crawford - Gospel Behold the Lamb slain to take away our sins

15 August Peter Brandon - Gospel The Miracle of a Cleansed Life 

26 October Peter Brandon - Gospel - A divine encounter with God 11 November Tom Bentley - Gospel - Salvation

11 November Tom Bentley - Gospel - Salvation


Added to the Devotional section of the Downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/18/devotional-messages/

28 January Sam Ferguson -  The Risen Christ

28 March Harold Paisley - The devotion of the Lord Jesus found in David's love for Jonathan

3 April John Grant - Cross 1 - A study of the Cross in Genesis Ch 22

5 April John Grant - Cross 2 - The Cross in Exodus Ch 12

7 April John Grant - Cross 3 - The Cross in Lev Ch 16

9 April John Grant - Cross 4 - The Cross in Num Ch 19

13 April Jim Hutchinson - What the Lord Jesus said and thought about his Father

7 June Eric McCullough - The Sufferings of Christ and the glory that will follow 

2 July WJ Nesbitt - The perfect Servant Seated 

26 July Harold Paisley - The Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ 

4 September Albert Leckie - John Ch 17 V 13 - 26 The Sanctuary Prayer of the Son


Added to the Series of Messages on Bible Topics section of the downloads -  https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/23/series-of-messages-on-bible-topics/

7 January  Jim Allen  Crowns 1 - The Incorruptible Crown - The Saint's Crown

9 January Jim Allen  Crowns 2 - The Crown of Life - The Sufferers crown

11 January Jim Allen  Crowns 3 - The Crown of Rejoicing - The Soul Winners Crown 

13 January Jim Allen  Crowns 4 - The Crown of Glory - The Shepherd's Crown

15 January Jim Allen  Crowns 5 - The Crown of Righteousness - The Servants Crown 

24 March Leslie Wells - Twin Truths - Man and Women in the Assembly

26 March Leslie Wells - Twin Truths - Privileges and responsibilities in the Assembly 

17 May Albert McShane - Ezekiel's Temple 1 - Introduction - Difficulties and place of Vision

19 May Albert McShane - Ezekiel's Temple 2 -The Perimeter, Porch, Outer and Inner Courts

21 May Albert McShane - Ezekiel's Temple 3 - Those who use the Temple

23 August Tom Meekin - Bowing the Head - Submission

25 August Tom Meekin - Burying the Dead – Baptism

27 August Tom Meekin - Breaking of Bread - The Lord's Supper 

30 October John Grant - Construction 1 -The building of Solomon’s Temple 

1 November John Grant - Construction 2 - The Rebuilding of the House of God

3 November John Grant - Construction 3 - Building the Tower of Babel

5 November John Grant - Construction 4 - Upon this Rock I will build my Church 

7 November John Grant - Construction 5 -  The Master Builder 


Added to the Character Studies section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/21/character-study-messages/

3 January Jim Allen - Hezekiah's Problems, Prayer and Praise

9 February Tom Bentley  -  Joshua - The man and his Ministry - 1

11 February Tom Bentley  -  Joshua - The man and his Ministry - 2

13 February Tom Bentley  -  Joshua - The man and his Ministry - 3

15 February Tom Bentley  -  Joshua - The man and his Ministry - 4

17 February Tom Bentley  -  Joshua - The man and his Ministry - 5

1 April Jim Martin - Moses a man of God  Exodus Ch 3

11 April Jim Flanigan - Some of the characteristics of the Mary of Nazareth

15 April John McCormack - Jacob's encounter with God

27 April Noel Louden - Hezekiah and Revival

5 May Tom Meekin - Caleb - For 45 Years he sought to follow the Lord

7 May Tom Bentley - Some of God's dealings with Abraham - 1

9 May Tom Bentley - Some of God's dealings with Abraham - 2

11 May Tom Bentley - Some of God's dealings with Abraham - 3

13 May Tom Bentley - Some of God's dealings with Abraham - 4

16 July Tom Meekin - Peter - Pattern for our Walk 

18 July Tom Meekin - Peter - An example of the Pastor and his Work 

20 July Tom Meekin - Peter - His example for preaching the Word 

30 September John Stubbs - John Leaning, Lying, Lingering, and Longing

17 November Jack Hunter - Life of Enoch

21 November Jack Hunter - Studies on the life of Jacob 1  - The Ministry of Angels

23 November Jack Hunter - Studies on the life of Jacob 2  - The House of God

25 November Jack Hunter - Studies on the life of Jacob 3 -  Giving - Should we tithe our Income

27 November Jack Hunter - Studies on the life of Jacob 4 -  The Government of God


Added to the Messages for Younger Believers section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/17/messages-for-younger-believers/

1 January Jim Smith - The Burnt offering a picture of the believer accepted in Christ 


Added to the Future Events section of the downloads -https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/36/messages-on-future-events/

5 February John Stubbs  - The Rapture, The Beginning of Rest, Reunion and Rejoicing 

22 June WJ Nesbitt - In light of the judgement seat of Christ

30 June John Stubbs - The Lord’s Coming  

4 October Jack Hunter - The Rapture

6 October Jack Hunter - The Bema

8 October Jack Hunter - The Millennial Reign 

10 October Jack Hunter - The Final Rebellion

11 October Jack Hunter - Wrath on Earth

12 October Jack Hunter - Into Eternity


Added to the Messages on Old Testament Types section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/22/messages-on-old-testament-types/

7 February Harold Paisley  - The Ark of God 

9 November WJ Nesbitt - Four times that the Ark of the Covenant was carried by the Priests 


Added to the messages on the Assembly section of the downloads  https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/15/messages-on-the-assembly/

15 March - Eric McCullough - Features of the Jerusalem Assembly 

24 June John Flynn - The Local Church, Gods Husbandry (Divine Rules)

28 June Albert Leckie - The Local Church

8 July Leslie Wells - Assembly First Principles

2 September Harold Paisley - What is a New Testament Assembly 

28 October Noel Louden - What the Assembly expects of me

19 November Albert Leckie - The Local Church in relation to God


Added to the Messages on Books of the Bible section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/20/messages-on-books-of-the-bible/

3 February W L Morrison  - An overview of the Prophecy of Micah

3 March John Grant - Studies in Exodus 1 - The Passover, A life of Salvation, Separation and Service

5 March John Grant - Studies in Exodus 2 - The Song of Redemption in Exodus Ch 15

7 March John Grant - Studies in Exodus 3 - The Manna

9 March John Grant - Studies in Exodus 4 - The smiting of the Rock and the battle with Amalek

10 July John Grant - 1st John No. 1 - The Believer and his Sin

12 July John Grant - 1st John No. 2 - The Believer and the World

14 July John Grant - 1st John No. 3 - The Believer and doubts

8 September Tom Bentley - Ezra and Nehemiah 1-  Daniel's intercessory Prayer for Israel's return from Babylon

10 September Tom Bentley - Ezra and Nehemiah 2-  Ezra Ch 1

12 September Tom Bentley - Ezra and Nehemiah 3- Ezra Ch 4

14 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 4- Ezra Ch 5

16 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 5- Ezra Ch 7

18 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 6-  Ezra Ch 10 and Nehemiah introduction

20 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 7- Nehemiah Ch 3

22 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 8- Nehemiah Ch 6 

24 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 9-  Nehemiah Ch 9 and 10

26 September Tom Bentley - Studies in Ezra and Nehemiah 10-  Nehemiah Ch 11 


Added to the Messages on the bible section of the downloads - https://www.jstl.org.uk/e107/downloads/category/37/bible/

26 May - Tom Meekin – The Bible - A Book to be read


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