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A.M.S. Gooding was born in 1915 into a Godly family in Suffolk, East Anglia, England. He was saved at fourteen, and a little later baptised and received in fellowship. From that early time onwards he treasured gathering to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone. At the age of sixteen he was deeply stirred to yield his life to the Lord for whatever service the Lord would have him do, through reading the scriptures and Romans 12v1 in particular.

His subsequent devotion to Christ and the diligent study of God's Word continued throughout the following 68 years of his life.He first spoke at a conference when just 18 years of age and the long hours of study soon lead to preaching and teaching in a local sphere.  

A.M.S. Gooding moved to Kilmarnock Scotland in 1941 to take up employment at John Ritchie Ltd. He spent the next 33 years of his life there, beginning in the print room as a compositor, and moving up to become managing director.At this time he was also a trustee of the Lord's Work trust. During this time he did much in the preparation of the Believers Magazine often contributing himself.He took over from William Bunting as the editor of the magazine Assembly Testimony. He wrote a number of books such as the "Epistles to John" in the "What the Bible teaches" series and "The 13 Judges".

He also served as a shepherd at Elim Hall, Kilmarnock for many years. He had a number of series of Gospel meetings with Jack Hunter during this period and many of the souls saved at that time are still in assembly fellowship today.

However, he will be best remembered for his teaching of the Scriptures. For many years while in secular employment, he traveled throughout the UK in his ministry. He was acquainted with the whole spectrum of divine truth and provided varied ministry to the people of God. As well as the many ministry meetings which he took - of which this CD is a sample - A.M.S.Gooding also conducted many Bible Readings in places such as Lurgan, Larne, Eastbourne and Kilravock.