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Jim Flanigan was born in Witham Street, off the Newtownards Road in East Belfast, in Northern Ireland. His parents both got saved in the Iron Hall and were active members. His mother deeply influenced him by constantly singing. She sang about Calvary and the cross in the home. When she sang "That man of Calvary has won my heart from me" Jim often longed to know the man of Calvary for himself.

At the age of 8 his mother became ill. During her last stay in hospital the other patients asked her to sing before "lights out". Due to the singing of those hymns in the hospital six professed faith in Christ. She passed away early one morning. Her last words, spoken to her sister, were "look after the boys, I am redeemed". This last word was placed on her headstone. This influenced him greatly. He desired to be saved.

After the funeral he attended cottage meetings. After one of these meetings on a Tuesday night he trusted the Saviour. He was told to emphasise the personal pronouns in Isaiah 53:5. He found great comfort and assurance in doing this, reading the verse "He was wounded for my Transgressions, He was bruised for my iniquities.

He was received into the Parkgate assembly in Belfast in 1946. He left secular employment in 1972 in order to give more time to serving the Lord.Most of this time has been spent in ministry meetings. Jim Flanigan's ministry has been really sweet concentrating on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has travelled widely in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Israel. He has a special interest in Israel taking tours there on many occasions.

He has published a number of books including several volumes of "What the Bible Teaches". He has also published a number of beautiful poems.The one below called "The City Foursquare" is an example.

O City vast and beautiful,
O Zion rich and rare,
With Jasper wall so wonderful
And golden street so fair;
Thy loveliness enthralls me,
Thy joy my heart would share;
Thy pearly portals call me,
I long to enter there.

There vision is unclouded
Of Him who is the light,
And service is unwearied,
For day eclipses night,
And purity unsullied
Gilds all that holy place,
While deathless, sinless peoples
Behold His lovely face.

O home of holy angels,
And sweet unceasing song;
Of happy Hallelujahs
From that unnumbered throng.
Where prophet, priest, and patriarch,
With cherubim attend,
And raptured saints, and seraphs,
In willing worship blend.

Apostles, kings, and martyrs,
Whose pilgrim path is trod,
Now dwell amid thy glory,
The City of their God;
Where holy seers and sages
Adore the tender Lamb,
And saints of all the ages
Unite in endless psalm.

The Lamb is there the temple,
The Lamb upon the throne
No sun, no moon, no candle,
Yet darkness is unknown,
And sin, and things defiling,
Shall never enter there,
But radiant hosts together
Thy bliss and brightness share.

What loving links were broken
At Jordan's chilly wave,
What farewells left unspoken
At many a cruel grave;
Now in thy joy excelling,
All gather round the throne,
All in thy glory dwelling
At rest, at peace, at home.

No sea, no raging billow,
Shall separate again;
No night, no restless pillow,
No tear, no ill, no pain.
No curse, no sin invading,
Shall spoil thy crystal scene,
But bliss and light unfading,
And holiness serene.

O City vast and beautiful,
O land of endless day;
Thy foursquare glory calls us
From earth's sad scene away.
Soon at thy crystal river
We'll sing his matchless grace,
And for the sweet forever
Gaze on our Saviour's face.