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Tom Bentley was born in 1924 to parents, Matthew and Emma, who were both saved. His parents were in fellowship at Ebenezer Gospel Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His Father and Mother moved out into full time service for the Lord in 1930. He was brought along to all the meetings of the assembly. In 1936, Mr Harold Glasgow and his father conducted a series of Gospel meetings in a tent in Finaghy Belfast. At these meetings Tom was moved with conviction of sin and sought salvation. The meetings closed on 28th June and Tom was due to go on holiday to a summer camp the following day. He asked his mother what she would like him to bring her back from his holidays. Her reply was "Nothing son, nothing, but that you will tell me that you have got saved". His holiday was at a summer camp where the gospel was preached in the evenings. Some of the meetings were conducted by a medical student called Nikko Malakka. He told his testimony of how he trusted the Saviour. Revelation 3v20 was the text chosen that evening and Tom realised the Saviour had died for him on Calvary. He knew the work was done. There was nothing left for him to do apart from let the Saviour in. He prayed using the words of a chorus he had learned in Sunday School "Come into my heart Lord Jesus. Come in today, come in to stay, come into my heart Lord Jesus. At this moment he trusted the Lord as his Saviour.
He started work at 14 in a garage. It was during this time that he was baptised and the following week received into Ebenezer Gospel Hall. On the evening of the day he was received into fellowship, he gave his testimony with Mr.Jack Wylie and Mr Robert Neil in Whitehouse Gospel Hall. At 15 he moved to work in Short Brothers. In 1956 he was commended by the assembly at Ebenezer to full time service. Tom, his wife and two children left for Malaysia in November 1956. After Josephine his first wife went to be with the Lord, he married Grace in 1973. From 1956 onwards, he continued to faithfully serve God in Malaysia. He returned unwell to Northern Ireland from Malaysia in 2009. After a period of ill health he passed into the presence of the Lord on 9th June 2011. His ministry was given and appreciated in many countries such as the United Kingdom, Malaysia, America, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan. He contributed written articles to many Assembly magazines, and authored the "What the Bible Teaches" book on Colossians. A further book which he authored has been published since his passing called an "A Pattern for Christian Living". This is an Exposition of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. We hope that the messages on this CD will be a blessing to all who listen.