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Jim Allen has been a full-time preacher of the Gospel and minster of the Word of God for well over 45 years. He comes from Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland. He was born in the townland of Ballydougan and his early years were spent around Bleary while living in Lurgan town.

His spiritual history begins with his Salvation on Monday 5th August 1946, when, in his own bedroom on his knees, as a lost sinner, he found the Saviour. He had been attending meetings conducted by Mr Harold Paisley in the area. He was baptised by immersion and received into the assembly of believers gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, meeting in Bleary Gospel Hall.

After six years at Lurgan College (1941-47), he was accepted into the Science Faculty in Queens University to study Science. After four years there (1947-51) he graduated with a BSc (Hons) Chemistry (1st Class). He commenced that same year (September 1951) teaching Chemistry in the science department of Ballymena Academy.

Exercised as to the path of service for the Lord and impressed by the great need in Malaya he was led to apply to the Colonial Office in London for a post as an Education Officer in Malaya. Appointed by the Colonial Office to the permanent establishment he was offered a post in the State of Perak, Malaya. The next ten years were spent in the Malayan Education Service (1955-65). All his spare time during the week and all holidays were spent in preaching the Gospel and teaching the Word of God with much blessing. New assemblies were established in the land due to this work.

His posts in the Malayan Education Service included Head of Science in Anderson School. He was then appointed State Science Supervisor for Perak and Head of the Examinations Board (Chemistry) for Cambridge University. After passing the necessary examinations in the Malay language he was appointed Headmaster of the Anderson Boys School in Ipoh and subsequently, Headmaster of the Sultan Suliaman School in Kuala Trengannu. His last post in Malaya was Principle of the Specialist Teachers Training Institute in Kuala Lumpur. With the coming of independence to Malaya in 1957 all white officers were required to leave the country by 1962. Under this Malayanisation Programme he was asked to remain for a further 3 years but by 1965 had to retire for the Malayan Civil Service. Refusing the offer to transfer to another colony in the Colonial Service, he and his family returned to Northern Ireland. In September 1965 he was appointed Vice-Principal of Larne Grammar School. He filled this post until 1968 when he was commended by the assembly meeting in Cloughfern Gospel Hall to return to Malaysia to give his full-time to the Gospel and ministry of the Word of God. When Malaysia refused an extension to their missionary visa in 1973 Jim Allen and his family returned to Northern Ireland. His brethren in Cloughfern gave their full commendation for his continuing in the Lords Work in Ireland and wherever the Lord would lead. While his family were in Ireland he has returned regularly to Malaysia for the Gospel and ministry of the Word. Meanwhile he has seen much blessing in Gospel preaching in Northern Ireland, and indeed, through the British Isles as well as in Indonesia, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and in South Africa. Arising from the Gospel preaching there has been the opportunity to minister the Word of God locally as a conference speaker around the world. He is also the author of highly regarded commentaries on First Timothy and the Book of Revelation in the "What the Bible Teaches" series published by John Ritchie Ltd. His most recent commentary on the prophesy of Daniel has been published by the Scripture Teaching Library Label in 2014 under the title "Daniel Reconsidered".