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Albert Leckie was born in 1920 in the town of Coatbridge in Lanarkshire. He moved to Airdrie soon after with his parents and lived the majority of life there. His parents were both believers. Open bibles were in nearly every room. With this influence God saved him while he was still very young only four and a half years old. He was very studious at school, topping the class in most subjects. However, his parents and especially his father put more emphasis on reading his bible. When Albert spoke to him about not having the desire to read he stressed that this was reason that he should read more. When he considered that his son was then reading too much he suggested reading less and meditating on it more.

At fourteen he took employment in a lawyer's office but also attended night classes in Latin and Greek. He was baptised and received into the fellowship of Hebron Hall in Airdrie at 15. He studied for eight to nine hours at the scriptures per day while he was taking meetings. The knowledge of the scriptures came forth in a presentation of ministry that was profitable to all. He preached the gospel in quite a number of series of meetings but was more well know in the ministry of God's word. His emphasis in the Gospel meetings was on the sufferings of Christ. He would often say "The Lord Jesus endured in three hours what the unrepentant sinner will never exhaust through eternity". He spoke in the opening series of Gospel meetings in Lossiemouth in 1954 when five souls were saved.

He was also well known for leading many Bible Readings in Largs, Eastbourne, Ayr and London. Being a sympathetic man, many turned to him for advice during life. Despite never marrying he conducted many weddings and was well loved by those he came into contact with. He spoke at many ministry meetings - of which this CD is a sample. Despite having a pacemaker fitted he did not slow down teaching and preaching until his death. He spoke on the evening that he went home to meet his Saviour in 1988.