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This CD contains 75 messages by Jim Baker. The messages are in MP3 format and can be played on a computer with the relevant software and a soundcard and speakers, a CD player with MP3 capability or copied onto a  MP3 player. Click on the link below to proceed directly to the messages. Scroll down to read a little background information on Jim Baker.

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Jim Baker was born (8th May 1934) and raised in Liverpool in a very humble home. His mother was a great influence in his life and his father was saved after many years as a seaman. He always loved to reflect on the fact that he was saved kneeling at his mother's knee as a lad of eight.

As a young man,he decided to dedicate his time to the study of scripture and the spread of the gospel. He stated once that he always wanted to be an evangelist, but God called him to be mainly a Bible teacher.

By the time he moved, with his family, to Scotland in 1966, Jim was beginning to preach a lot. Moving to Scotland was to have a big impact on his work for the Lord, as men such as John Douglas of Ashgill, took him undertheir wings and encouraged him in the ministry of the word. Soon he was a regular speaker at ministry meetings and conferences.


Over the years, he travelled extensively, teaching the scriptures. So when the opportunity came for early retirement in 1991, Jim welcomed it. For the next couple of decades, he travelled far and wide teaching the Word of God. He visited places such as Poland, Ukraine, the USA, Canada, China and South Korea. His teaching was well appreciated and his sense of humour and pleasant personality won many a heart.

Our prayer is that these recordings will be a blessing to you and you will catch a glimpse of the Saviour that this man loved as you listen.