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Jim Hutchinson was born on 13th September 1920 in Carryduff Northern Ireland. He had two brothers and one sister. Both his parents were saved and brought him along to gatherings of the assembly. In 1921 his parents moved to Banbridge. As they had to walk a mile to the assembly from their home, and it was a short time between the breaking of bread and Sunday school, they normally ate at various different assembly members homes on a Sunday. As an encouragement to Sunday School teachers, in later life he stated "Though it is well over 70 years ago, I clearly remember some of the first lessons I was taught". The messages, the believers, and his parents impressed him leading him to think on eternal things from a very young age.

He got saved aged 13 in September 1934 when his father and Mr W Johnstone held tent meetings at Huntley on the outskirts of Banbridge. One night the preaching was on Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming. He was struck by the two words - for thee. He made up his mind to get saved at those meetings. He continued to attend the Gospel meetings in the tent over the next few nights. Again a message was preached on Matthew 11:28, Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest". He asked himself "Who is the speaker?", he was clear in his own mind with the answer "He is the one who died for me". He then thought, "What is he saying?", he was saying "Come unto me".  In coming, he said he was not organised with his coming but rather focused on the one who died for him, and while it was not the language of his lips, he said his heart, " O Lamb of God, I come".

Later he was baptised and received into the assembly at Banbridge. When David Craig came to Banbridge, he spoke on Leviticus Ch. 1 and linked it with Romans 12v1. The meeting finished with singing "What glad return can I impart for favours so divine? O take my all, my weary heart and make it only thine". This made a deep impression.

After moving to Londonderry and having a few series of Gospel meetings, Jim Hutchinson was commended to the work and grace of God, leaving his job in a store on 25th August 1946.  He served the Lord until his death in 2011 for over 65 years. He was mainly active in the Gospel seeing many souls led to Christ. He spoke in portable halls, tents, in open air work as well as in Gospel Halls. In addition to Gospel work, he also provided helpful ministry. Samples of both Gospel messages and ministry are provided on this CD. Although Northern Ireland was his main field of service, he also held meetings in other parts of the UK and across the world.