MP3 CD List

About the MP3 CD's It is intended to prepare a number of CD's containing messages given from the Word of God by men whose ministry was deeply appreciated by a number of people. The messages are in MP3 format and can be played on a computer with the relevant software and a soundcard and speakers, a CD player with MP3 capability or copied onto a MP3 player. The CD contents are owned by Tape Teaching and must not be copied, exchanged or altered without the prior consent of Tape Teaching. List of MP3 CD's
MP3CD1 T.E.Wilson - Angola. Author of Angola Beloved

MP3CD2 A.M.S. Gooding

MP3CD3 Albert McShane

MP3CD4 Albert Leckie - Airdrie

MP3CD5 Robert McPheat - Scotland

MP3CD6 David Craig

MP3CD7 Jim Flanigan
MP3CD8 Tom Bentley
MP3CD9 Jim Allen
MP3CD10 Jim Baker
MP3CD11 Jim Hutchinson

Please note that while we have made every effort to get the quality of the sound in the recordings to the highest possible level, that some of these recordings are over 30 years of age and the originals have deteriorated over this time. There was also a passage in time where interference occurred with amplification systems from external sources such as taxi and radio stations. Where possible the effects of this has been minimised to the best of our ability